Is chicken broth gluten-free? Brand names that are gluten-free 

Is chicken broth gluten-free? Brand names that are gluten-free 

Is chicken broth gluten-free? Brand names that are gluten-free

Are you looking for a delicious way to add flavor to your meal that is also gluten-free? Chicken broth may be the perfect ingredient. Many people have questions about whether or not chicken broth contains gluten.

So, in this blog post from Chris Novakovic, we are going to break down what exactly you need to know about chicken broth and “Is chicken broth gluten-free?” Read on to find out some brand names that are gluten-free of chicken broth before adding some tasty flavor to your next recipe!

Is chicken broth gluten-free?

Is chicken broth gluten-free?

Is chicken broth gluten-free?

Generally, yes, but chicken broth can be either gluten-free or not. If you use only gluten-free ingredients, homemade chicken broth will be free of gluten. Luckily, the main ingredients for this delicious soup are usually protein-free. Hence, it should be a breeze to ensure its safety and enjoyment.

Most store-bought chicken broth is naturally gluten-free, as the majority of its ingredients are also free from gluten. If you want to avoid gluten completely, check thickeners and preservatives for this allergen.

Chicken broth: What is it?

Chicken broth What is it?

Chicken broth What is it?

Get ready to savor a delectable blend of flavors with chicken broth! This liquid is crafted by cooking down succulent chicken and veggies. Whether you’re flavoring soups, sauces, or even rice and pasta dishes, adding some broth will bring out an amazing taste.

You can make it from celery, carrots, onions, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, pepper, and water, or buy it. Chicken broth provides a great way to flavor meals without overpowering them with too much seasoning!

What do you know about gluten?

What do you know about gluten?

What do you know about gluten?

Gluten, a protein found in most wheat-based products, binds grains like barley, kamut, spelt, farro, durum, bulgur, rye, and semolina.

It’s unlike any other component since it cannot be removed from these grain varieties no matter how hard one might try. Naturally, glutenous foods are essentially impossible to change into a gluten-free diet.

Gluten is frequently incorporated as a binding or thickening element in many manufactured foods.

Potentially gluten-containing components

Potentially gluten-containing components

Potentially gluten-containing components

When searching for a gluten-free chicken broth, be sure to check the ingredient list. Beware of potential sources of gluten, such as:

Extract from yeast or autolyzed Extract Yeast

Beware of yeast extract, which may be derived from barley and contain gluten. Unfortunately, US manufacturers are not obligated to specify the source of yeast extract on their product labels.

Avoid yeast extract unless the chicken broth is labeled gluten-free to avoid gluten.

Organic flavors

As you’re shopping, keep an eye out for natural flavors. Be aware that some may come from wheat or barley and therefore will be mentioned in allergen statements.

Avoid artificial flavors and colors and choose naturally gluten-free products only!

Ingredients containing gluten, such as malted barley or others.

It’s obvious, but don’t buy products with any of the above ingredients! These items are not gluten-free and should be avoided at all costs.

Some foods that can contain gluten include:

cereal and baking products – wheat, wheat flour, wheaten cornflour, freekeh, spelt, semolina, couscous, wheat bran, barley, oats, porridge, breakfast cereals containing wheat, rye, oats or barley, cereals made from corn or rice that also contain malt extract from barley, some icing sugar mixtures and some baking powders.

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The common red flag needs noticing: “may contain wheat.”

Look out for chicken broth that says “may contain wheat” or “made on equipment that also made wheat.”

The Food Allergen Labeling Act requires protein labeling for major allergens.

A “may contain” statement is not required, but it lets people know that this product was not made in a dedicated facility.

When you spot this stipulation, it does not necessarily mean the product is unsafe for consumption. However, without a gluten-free claim, it may be prudent to abstain from such items.

Estimating cross-contact requires learning about the manufacturer’s processes and equipment cleaning between products.

Although wheat and barley malt are the exceptions, most ingredients may or may not contain gluten. Yeast extract is a prime example of this. If it’s labeled “gluten-free”, only then should you consume it since it could be derived from barley with gluten present. Although rare, natural flavors can contain such compounds.

When you notice these elements in the product, stay away from it. Alternatively, explore if there is a grain source listed or seek out a “gluten-free” claim on the label to be safe.

Does chicken contain gluten?

Does chicken contain gluten?

Does chicken contain gluten?

Untainted, plain chicken is the perfect entrée for those consuming a gluten-free diet. To ensure its safety and absence of wheat protein, be conscious of the seasonings used or how it has been handled previously.

The good news is that with just a few extra steps to look out for potential cross-contamination, you can enjoy this healthy dish without any worries!

Not all chicken is entirely gluten-free. It could be contaminated if it was seasoned with gluten or cooked in a shared space. Thus, check the seasoning and cooking environment to keep your poultry gluten-free!

Is chicken bouillon free of gluten?

Is chicken bouillon free of gluten?

Is chicken bouillon free of gluten?

Chicken bouillon is a condensed variety of chicken broth that has been cooked down to form a powder or cube. It’s a great way to add flavor and richness to soups and sauces because all you have to do is add water to make tasty chicken stock.

However, not all brands are gluten-free. So we recommend reading the label carefully before purchasing any product to ensure there’s no hidden trace of gluten inside!

It’s hard to tell if a product was cross-contaminated without a gluten-free label. BOU, Herb-Ox, Savory Choice, and Vogue Cuisine offer delicious gluten-free chicken bouillon for you and your family.

The distinction between chicken stock and chicken broth

The distinction between chicken stock and chicken broth

The distinction between chicken stock and chicken broth

Chicken stock and chicken broth made with natural ingredients are 100% gluten-free. Generally speaking, these two items are quite similar yet have some slight distinctions to be aware of.

Chicken stock is chicken broth that does not include an ingredient called gluten. Stock is created by slow-cooking chicken bones for hours, which creates a soup that packs an abundance of nutrients and flavor.

In contrast, the broth is cooked with meat and takes a significantly shorter time to prepare. When it comes to varieties of broths, you have plenty of options – chicken, beef, fish, or vegetable.

While both stock and broth are wonderful ingredients, stock has superior healing capabilities.

Is chicken stock free from gluten?

Is chicken stock free from gluten?

Is chicken stock free from gluten?

Are you wondering if chicken stock is gluten-free? If so, then this information may be of great interest to you, especially if you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

It’s also good for gluten-intolerant people and those who avoid wheat, barley, and rye.

Without a doubt, the answer is affirmative: yes, chicken stock is 100% gluten-free! However, as with all things related to gluten-free food preparation, there are some precautions you should take.

Homemade chicken stocks made solely of chicken bones and vegetables will never contain traces of gluten. However, store-bought varieties may include it. Be sure to check for any warning signs before consumption!

Brand names that are gluten-free

Brand names that are gluten-free

Brand names that are gluten-free

When trying to source a gluten-free chicken broth, look no further than the options below. These well-known brands are widely available at most grocery stores. Before buying, check labels for ingredient changes or gluten claims.

College Inn

Explore their extensive list of delicious, gluten-free broths and stocks that come in a range of chicken varieties!


All broths are naturally free of gluten, making them a great option for those on a gluten-free diet.

Kettle & Fire

offers a broad selection of certified gluten-free broths and bone broths that are sure to satisfy.

Kitchen Basics

The parent company, McCormick, guarantees gluten-free products. Each product and manufacturing line have been tested for gluten-free authenticity! Stocks and broths are included in this statement.

Ocean’s Halo

provides an assortment of scrumptious gluten-free broths.

Pacific Foods

offers an extensive selection of labeled gluten-free broths and stocks. A thorough five-step cleaning after each production cycle ensures product safety.

All ingredients that are part of the Top 8 allergen list, as well as finished goods containing them, are kept apart in designated safe areas.


offers a variety of broths and stocks that have been tested and confirmed to be gluten-free.

FAQs Is chicken broth gluten-free?

Why can’t broth be made without gluten?

Most of the time, wheat is the only unsafe gluten ingredient that can be found in chicken broth, beef broth, or stock made by a company. So, wheat will be listed on the label of what’s in the food. In the same way, some chicken bouillon can have gluten in it.

What is the amount of gluten in chicken broth?

It depends on the type of chicken broth. Chicken broth is usually gluten-free. The most common sources of chicken broths that are not gluten-free are private label brands.

Gluten-free chicken broth is made with only ingredients that don’t have gluten. This is easy to do because most of the main ingredients in chicken broth are gluten-free by nature.

Is there no gluten in Great Value Chicken Broth?

Great Value Chicken broth does not contain gluten.

Does Knorr chicken broth contain gluten?

Because it contains no gluten, Knorr Chicken Flavor Bouillon is considered gluten-free.

Is there no gluten in vegetable broth?

In general, broth is the liquid that comes from cooking meat, fish, or vegetables in water. Using that definition, it would always be free of gluten.


Though many people think that chicken broth is gluten-free, it is not always the case. Be sure to check the label before assuming that any given brand of chicken broth is free of gluten.

Several brands of chicken broth certified gluten-free by third parties were mentioned above by These products can be found in most major supermarkets.

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